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Monday, March 25, 2013

Wasteland Rocks

Band Name: Wasteland Rocks
Status: Active
Genre: Heavy Metal
City: Alesund
Country: Norway
Label: Unsigned

WASTELAND ROCKS is a female fronted heavy metal band from Ålesund, Norway. Founded in 2004 the five members started out as a tribute band with the mission to serve their fans the «best heavy metal of all ages».
This goal still lives on as they pursue recording their own music and on the 25th April 2011 they released their debut single «I Say Burn!» on iTunes and other major sites via TuneCore.
In May 2010 Wasteland Rocks headlined the Friday show at the Harley Davidson Federation SuperRally 2010 in Patras, Greece as the only non-greek band.
Main influences are classic heavy metal and thrash bands from 1970s to 1990s like Black Sabbath, Dio, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica and many more.
Self titled demos was released in 2005 and 2007 with cover songs.

Linda Eidset - Vocals
Yngve Eidset - Guitar
Rune Haugland - Guitar
Thor Inge Bårdsgjerde - Bass
Freddy Strøm - Drums

I Say Burn! Single - 25.04.2011

Wasteland Rocks - Official Homepage:
Wasteland Rocks - Official MySpace:
Wasteland Rocks - Official Facebook:

Monday, March 18, 2013

The murder of my sweet

Status: Active
Genre: Rock/Gothic
City: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Label: AFM Records

Since the release of their debut album "Divanity" in January 2010, and the single that pre-ceded it in 2009 (“Bleed Me Dry” - which reached No. 14 in the Swedish National Singles Charts), female-fronted rock/metal band
THE MURDER OF MY SWEET have become amongst the biggest hopes on the European scene. Their individual, easily recognizable and high value sound, has touched the lives of many fans and with its mix of modern, groovy, hard rock, beautiful melodies, and progressive, cinematic flair. The band, led by singer Angelica Rylin, has secured a remarkable fan base already, far from the shores of Stockholm, where the band was formed in 2007; the name inspired by the 1944 ‘film-noir’ “Murder, My Sweet”.

Now though it’s time to confirm and expand on the success of "Divanity" - which, given the quality of the new album, "Bye Bye Lullaby" should be a formality.

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET have combined all their strengths and improved in every department. Rylin’s passionate vocal performance breaths new soul into every song, and all tracks on "Bye Bye Lullaby" have their individual strength meaning that it’s somewhat difficult to highlight individual songs especially. With 13 tracks, the whole spectrum and repertoire of this wonderful band can be celebrated: "Idolize" and "Kind Of Lousy" are just two tracks whose melodies you won’t get out of the head for weeks, but "I Dare You" stands out too, with its hypnotic groove. The ballad "Meant To Last Forever" is pure emotion, and with the completion of 6-minute epic "Phantom Pain" the band delivers the perfect successor to their song "Death Of A Movie Star" (such an important part of the "Divanity" album). "Unbreakable" (the first single) will be accompanied by a video clip in late May.

Singer Angelica remembers the creative process:
”Bye Bye Lullaby” has been a long time coming. We wrote nearly enough songs for two full albums and had to carefully choose these thirteen to truly represent the new, updated The Murder Of My Sweet. This album includes performances from close friends Jesper Stromblad (who you all know from In Flames), Fredrik Akesson (from Opeth) and Peter Wichers (from Soilwork), so it’s a really brave record. The major difference for me is the variation in the songs; we’ve taken them down a darker path, as well as on a more commercial path. It’s unorthodox maybe, but since there are so many female fronted bands out there, we felt that this combination had never been tried before, and would be breaking new ground, which is way more fun.”

Composer and drummer Daniel Flores adds:
“Who doesn’t like huge variety and impact created with sound? Small fragments of sonic whispering, say mixed with soulful performances? With this new line-up, my imagination had no limits and you will surely be hearing an even bigger cinematic soundscape than you all grew to love on “Divanity”!”

The new lineup, to which Daniel refers, now includes, alongside himself and singer Angelica, new guitarist Christopher Vetter and new bassist Teddy Westlund.

The curtain rises on "Bye Bye Lullaby” on May 25th - a special album from a particularly special band. Please welcome: THE MURDER OF MY SWEET!

Angelica Rylin - vocals
Christopher Vetter - Guitar
Teddy Westlund - Bass
Daniel Flores - Drums and Keyboards

Debut album "Divanity" Released 2010.01.20 in Japan, 2010.01.29 in Europe and 2010.02.09 in USA.
Single #1 "Bleed me dry" Released 2009.11.13 Reached #14 on the Swedish international single chart.
Single #2 "Tonight" Released 2010.05.15
Single #3 "Unbreakable" Released 2012.05.11
Second album "Bye bye lullaby" Released 2012.05.25 in Europe, 2012.06.19 in USA and 2012.06.20 in Japan

The murder of my sweet - Official Homepage:
The murder of my sweet - Official MySpace:
The murder of my sweet - Official Facebook:

Monday, March 11, 2013


Band Name: Deadlock
Status: Active
Genre: Melodic death metal, power metal
City: Schwarzenfeld, Bavaria
Country: Germany
Label: Lifeforce Records

Deadlock are a German melodic death metal band that combine metal with the harsh atmospheric nature of today's modern sounds.

Founded in the later half of 1997, Deadlock took their time to find a solid line-up and the right attitude towards cultivating a sound all their own. After their first self-titled 7 Inch was released, the band gained further attention with their MCD "I'll Wake You When Spring Awakes". The quintet started to include keyboards and clean female vocals to their songs during the period of their release "The Arrival." This period saw Deadlock reach new levels, while establishing their own brutal and blistering metal-sound. In 2003 the split release with Six Reasons To Kill proved the band's ability to develop their skills to a higher level. Deadlock's Lifeforce Records debut Earth.Revolt was well received among press and fans alike, because of its balanced mixture of fast and virtuous guitar work, their slowed-down atmospheric parts as well as the strong connection between music and lyrics.

Since the band's 2005 Lifeforce Records debut Earth.Revolt a lot has happened to further their sound and character. After more than six years of collaborations with vocalist Sabine Weniger (previously in a part-time capacity), 2006 saw her angelic voice and presence become a permanent fixture in the Deadlock member ranks. The full time addition of Sabine helped to invigorate and strengthen the band's outlook, creatively and musically. Deadlock are extremely determined now to make an album of epic proportions with their 2007 follow up album "Wolves." This album builds upon their signature paths of virtuous keyboard overkills, bombastic orchestral sections and lead guitar-attacks of previous albums while bringing a reinforced technical approach. Combined with Sabine's highly acclaimed voice in a full time capacity, "Wolves" adds a deeper dimension to their music and creates a presence that is very unique in the metal scene today.

They released a new Album called "Manifesto" in 2008. It continues their style from "Wolves", and adds even more Genre Mixes (like some Rap parts in Death Race, for example).

Deadlock are Vegan and Straight Edge, and many of their lyrics reference these stances.

Sabine Scherer - Vocals
John Gahlert - Vocals
Tobias Graf - Drums
Ferdinand Rewicki - Bass
Sebastian Reichl - Guitar

Deadlock Single 1999
I'll Wake You...When Spring Awakes EP 2000
The Arrival 2002
Earth.Revolt 2005
Wolves 2007
Manifesto 2008
Bizarro World 2011

Deadlock - Official Homepage:
Deadlock - Official MySpace:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Status: Active
Country: Spain
Label: Casket Music/Copro Records

Secret Signs was formed in April 2005 when Sergio López and Jose Manuel Torres met each other through a very popular internet music forum and decided to create a new european female fronted symphonic metal project, influenced by bands such as Epica, After Forever or Nightwish.

After finding a rehearsal place they began looking for the rest of musicians required to complete the line up, being the drummer Raul Ronco the next one to join the group.

It was not until November of the same year that they found their first singer, Lucía Sánchez, and some time later, Jose Luis Tarano joined the band as a bass player.

After some months of training they had the opportunity to record their first song "Through the Stars" in the prestigious studios "Sonora" under the direction of the sound technician and friend of the band Sonia Robles. As a result they got their song played in some metal radio stations and from that moment on they were invited to play many local gigs.

In 2008 the band came back to "Sonora" studios to record their first full length album produced by Sonia Robles and after that, they began looking for a record label. At the end of 2009 Lucía Sánchez left the band to concentrate on her studies and job full time, being replaced by May Lucas, a very young soprano with a very powerful voice who fitted perfectly into the kind of frontwoman they were looking for.

The most remarkable concert they have played so far was at Caracol (Madrid) the 19th of March 2010, supporting the Norwegian classic gothic metal band Theatre of Tragedy during their farewell tour being very well received by the audience and praised by the press.

In February 2011, the band re-recorded the vocal lines of their album with their current singer at the prestigious studios `Oasis´ in Madrid.

The album was finally released on July 2012 through Casket Music / Copro Records.

May Lucas/Vocals
Jose Manuel Torres/Guitars
Jose Luis Tarano/Bass
Sergio Lopez/Keyboards
Raúl Ronco/ Drums

For a lifetime 2012

SECRET SIGNS - Official Homepage:
SECRET SIGNS - Official MySpace:

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Name

Band Name: The name
Status: Active
Genre: Rock  / Metal
City: Haarlem/Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands

Based in Haarlem, theNAME was started by guitarist/songwriter Silas. The basic idea was to start a band with a modern, 'jumpy' metal sound with accessible female vocals.

By getting Hadassa on vocals, the pop-influences got an extra boost. She also makes the sound more dynamic and sensual with her clear but yet powerful voice. This way theNAME created its own style, setting itself apart from other bands while still strongly appealing to metal, rock and pop listeners.

theNAME loves to rock and its tightly produced liveshow is succesful everywhere the band plays. theNAME has been the support act of great metal- and rockbands like Y&T, Krypteria, Epica, Delain, We Are The Fallen (ex Disturbed & Evanescence), Revamp, Stream of Passion, Xandria and Anneke van Giersbergen. At venues in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

theNAME has released 4 albums. At the moment the band is busy with the preproduction of a new album. When the the new cd is finished, the band wants to rock as much as possible again.

Hadassa - Vocals
Silas - Guitar
Rens - Guitar
Mike - Bass
Daniel - Drums

Enchained 2010
Enchained 2009
Recognition 2006
Remedy 2004
Endless Remorse 2002

The Name - Official Homepage
The Name - Official Facebook